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There are a couple advantages to questing in Morban. One– you get to kill lots of undead stuff, two– you gain plenty of Necropolis Caretakers notoriety, and three– you get to wander around and guess what? Kill more undead stuff! Members of the Storm Legion also make their way in the mix. Morban, which is the zone following Seratos on the Dusken continent, pretty much follows the same exploratory vibe Seratos has. The zone has a central quest line, but there are plenty of non-scripted areas to explore, random quests to find, and a great deal of Carnage killing to take part in.

Morban is ideal for players starting at around levels 55-59. There’s a fairly large level jump between Seratos and Morban, so it becomes helpful at this point to hop back and forth between both continents a bit. Some ideal Brevane zones for these levels would be Ardent Domain, Kingsward, and Ashora. Like Seratos, Morban is rather dark and desolate in appearance, with a landscape full of ominous trees and looming piles of bones. It’s also the zone where both Tower of the Shattered and Archive of Flesh are located.

There are three porticulum points which are marked by the green circles on the map below as well as the green-bordered text. These three locations are where most of the quests are obtained in Morban, although there are quite a few quests off the beaten path as well. Make sure to check all of the pockets in the Forest of Flesh, especially the northern tips. Arlan’s Challenge is the main hub of Morban and is where you’ll find the zone’s daily rift quests, a mailbox, and vendors.

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In case you ever want to seek out the actual dungeons, Tower of the Shattered is located in Stormhold. Archive of Flesh is in Shaper’s Citadel. There are four Onslaught locations in Morban, all of which are marked on the map by the blue circles and blue-bordered text. They are located in Forest of Flesh, Brink of Angoro, The Northern Ruins, and Black Strand. The Onslaught daily questgivers are all nearby.

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